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Let's visit and look islands in Malaysia. Idyllic beaches, clear blue waters, palm trees gently swaying to the rhythm of crashing waves' visitors have always been enchanted by the unspoilt beauty and tranquillity of Malaysia's islands. Many of them are famous worldwide, more than one Malaysian island has been called a tropical paradise, and aptly so. Cuti-cuti Malaysia. Travel Around Malaysia

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Pulau Sibu, Mersing, Johor

Off the east coast of Johor lies some of the most beautiful islands in the whole of Malaysia. The Seribuat Archipelago is home to several islands, amongst them is Pulau Sibu. For visitors to the island, accommodations are basically situated towards the north eastern side of the Pulau Sibu. On this part of the island, the beaches are of a lovely sunshine brown - the perfect sunbathing spot!

While the north-eastern side is made up of a gentle slope, the southern east coastal side is more ragged with steep abrupt cliffs and a rocky shoreline. Despite its rugged natural outlook, the rocks here are actually colorful and contorted, thanks to the volcanic ash and layered lavas. Towards the promontories and nearer to the sea rockpools is a whole new world of beautiful marine life.

Before Pulau Sibu was designated as a Marine Park, there were kelongs lining the south western coast where the pick of fresh crustacean there will please just about any seafood lover! Since the designation, the kelongs are now used as platforms for fishermen. The spot is still a favorite amongst visitors because it is sheltered from the strong winds and rough sea. This brief respite, surrounded by coconut trees, is almost like a piece of paradise.

For those who love the water, lots of water activities are available. For snorkeling, head offshore Sibu. Go to Tg Semanggar (north east corner of Pulau Sibu) where the waters are clear and the variety of coral and fishes are aplenty. Scuba diving is another activity you can indulge in. With the shallow waters of around 30 to 40 feet, you can stay much longer underwater. Altogether, there are about 36 scuba diving sites, all connected by a mere half-hour boat ride. The fertile marine life comprises of many creatures including the Bat Fish, Blue Spotted Sting Rays, Nurse Sharks, Nudibranches and lots more. With luck, you may even spot a Black Tip Reef Shark or even a Leopard Shark!

For an insightful visit, you can check out Kg Duku, located towards the southern tip of Sibu. Here, life of the natives are slow-paced and comfortable. The village is entirely solar powered whilst the locals earn a living by fishing. Lifestyle here has remained traditional.

How to get there

Located just 12 kilometres off the east coast of West Peninsular Malaysia, getting to Pulau Sibu is simply by boat. Catch a ride from Tanjong Leman, the boat pick-up point for Pulau Sibu. Tanjong Leman is located about 2-hours towards the north of Johor Bahru on the Mersing road. If you are coming from Kuala Lumpur, the journey could take between five to six hours via the Kluang then North-South Expressway and all the way up to Tanjung Leman. At Mersing, you can find two express buses leaving at night. Mersing would be anyone's best bet as it is the nearest accessible town with convenient public transportation. At Mersing, there are also cabs or local buses that will bring you to Tanjung Leman. If you prefer trains, then the nearest station is in Kluang.

When to visit

Best times to visit Pulau Sibu is from March to August, although the place is mainly opened throughout the year. All in all, the weather has always been known to be rather constant thoughout the entire year. Average temperature is about 29 degrees centigrade. The evenings are usually pleasantly cool and the nights are simply wonderful!

Map of Pulau Sibu

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